AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition WHQL Desktop- und Notebook-Grafiktreiber

AMD hat die ers­te Ver­si­on des neu­en Gra­fik­trei­bers Rade­on Soft­ware Crim­son Edi­ti­on ver­öf­fent­licht, die eine Viel­zahl neu­er sowie ver­bes­ser­ter Fea­tures beinhal­tet. Detail­lier­te Infor­ma­tio­nen hier­zu kön­nen der zuge­hö­ri­gen News ent­nom­men wer­den. Besit­zer älte­rer Gra­fik­kar­ten soll­ten beach­ten, dass VLIW-basier­te Rade­ons nicht mehr unter­stützt wer­den – sel­bi­ges gilt für ent­spre­chen­de APUs mit VLIW-Gra­fik­kern. Für jene Model­le hat AMD einen sepa­ra­ten Beta­trei­ber bereit­ge­stellt. Das Trei­ber-Team will sich künf­tig voll­stän­dig auf die GCN-Archi­tek­tur kon­zen­trie­ren.

Eine voll­stän­di­ge Lis­te der vom Trei­ber unter­stütz­ten Hard­ware sowie sämt­li­cher beho­be­ner und bekann­ter Pro­ble­me kann den offi­zi­el­len Release Notes ent­nom­men wer­den. Soll­tet Ihr von Pro­ble­men betrof­fen sein, die dar­in nicht auf­ge­führt wer­den, dann könnt Ihr das offi­zi­el­le Cata­lyst Crew Feed­back Form ver­wen­den, um das Trei­ber-Team dar­auf auf­merk­sam zu machen. Eine Hil­fe­stel­lung für das For­mu­lar könnt Ihr hier fin­den.

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.11 Info
AMD Rade­on Soft­ware Crim­son Edi­ti­on WHQL — CCC-Soft­warein­for­ma­ti­on

Die Trei­ber ste­hen für Win­dows 10, 8.1 und 7 zum Down­load bereit. Win­dows 8 wur­de letzt­mals mit dem Cata­lyst 14.4 WHQL offi­zi­ell unter­stützt. Vis­ta-Nut­zer kön­nen den Win­dows-7-Trei­ber eben­falls instal­lie­ren, aller­dings hat uns AMD zu ver­ste­hen gege­ben, dass Micro­softs unge­lieb­ter Spross in der Qua­li­täts­si­che­rung und Ent­wick­lung nur noch eine unter­ge­ord­ne­te Rol­le spielt.

Was ist neu?

High­lights of AMD Rade­on Soft­ware Crim­son Edi­ti­on

Rade­on Soft­ware Crim­son Edi­ti­on is AMD’s revo­lu­tio­na­ry new gra­phics soft­ware that deli­vers rede­si­gned func­tio­n­a­li­ty, super­char­ged gra­phics per­for­mance, remar­kab­le new fea­tures, and inno­va­ti­on that rede­fi­nes the over­all user expe­ri­ence.

Rade­on Set­tings:

Rade­on Set­tings is the new, stream­li­ned user inter­face, engi­nee­red to bring out the best of AMD gra­phics hard­ware. User-fri­end­ly and fea­ture-rich, Rade­on Set­tings is light­ning fast and starts upto 10x times faster1 than the pre­vious AMD Cata­lyst™ Con­trol Cen­ter. Rade­on Set­tings pro­vi­des a brand new game mana­ger, impro­ved AMD Over­dri­ve opti­ons per game and new video, dis­play and Eye­fi­ni­ty tabs.

New Install UI:

The dri­ver instal­ler now pro­vi­des a brand new, stream­li­ned user expe­ri­ence with a redu­ced num­ber of clicks requi­red, pro­vi­ding bet­ter usa­bi­li­ty and an easy to install user expe­ri­ence.

Liquid VR:

The AMD Rade­on Soft­ware Crim­son edi­ti­on is the first publicly avail­ab­le dri­ver that enab­les all Liquid­VR fea­tures, which are cur­r­ent­ly being vali­da­ted and tested by VR head­set manu­fac­tu­rers and eco­sys­tem part­ners.

Asyn­chro­nous Shaders:

A fea­ture that has been exten­si­ve­ly used by game con­so­le deve­lo­pers is now avail­ab­le to PC Gamers. Asy­chro­nous Shaders break com­plex seri­al workloads into smal­ler par­al­lel tasks, ther­e­by allo­wing idle GPU resour­ces to be used more effi­ci­ent­ly and par­al­lel workloads allow tas­kes to be com­ple­ted much fas­ter.

Shader Cache:

The shader cache fea­ture allows com­plex shaders to be cached, ther­e­by resul­ting in redu­ced game load times, lower CPU usa­ge and redu­ced stut­te­ring and laten­cy during gameplay2.

Opti­mi­zed Flip Queue Size:

The opti­mi­zed Flip Queue Size pro­vi­des users with the very latest key­board and mou­se posi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on during game­play to redu­ce input laten­cy on Direc­tX 9 , Direc­tX 10 and Direc­tX 11 app­li­ca­ti­ons. This fea­ture is a dri­ver opti­mi­za­ti­on, the­re­fo­re it is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly enab­led and requi­res no user con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on or set­up.

Free­sync Enhan­ce­ments:

  • Minimum/Maximum dis­play rate is now listed in Rade­on Set­tings
  • Low frame­ra­te com­pen­sa­ti­on to redu­ce or eli­mi­na­te jud­der when app­li­ca­ti­on FPS falls below the mini­mum refresh rate of an AMD Free­sync enab­led dis­play
  • New sup­port for AMD Free­sync with AMD Cross­fire in Direc­tX 9 tit­les

Custom Reso­lu­ti­on Sup­port:

This fea­ture pro­vi­des users more con­trol over dis­play capa­bi­li­ties allo­wing the user to crea­te custom dis­play pro­files to attempt to dri­ve their dis­play with cho­sen reso­lu­ti­on, timings, refresh rates and pixel clocks.

Frame Pacing Enhan­ce­ments:

Frame pacing sup­port is now exten­ded to Direc­tX 9 tit­les.

Frame Rate Tar­get Con­trol Enhan­ce­ments:

FRTC enhan­ce­ments inclu­de: power saving capa­bil­ty, sup­port for Direc­tX 9 tit­les and an exten­ded ran­ge for tar­get con­trol (30 — 200 FPS).

Updated Video Fea­ture sup­port for ‘Car­ri­zo’ pro­duc­ts:

  • Fluid­Mo­ti­on for smoot­hing play­back of 24/30 FPS video using Cyber­link Power­DVD 15 for Blu-Ray play­back
  • Impro­ved edge enhan­ce­ment for shar­per images
  • Impro­ved de-interlacing for inter­la­ced con­tent

Power Opti­mi­za­ti­on:

Impro­ved power opti­mi­za­ti­ons for video, gaming and FRTC enab­led gaming envi­ron­ments (AMD Rade­on R7 360, AMD Rade­on R9 380, AMD Rade­on R9 390 series and AMD Rade­on Fury series)..

Direc­tio­n­al Sca­ling:

Enhan­ced image qua­li­ty for 1080p media con­tent sca­led to 4K reso­lu­ti­on using adap­ti­ve direc­tio­n­al fil­te­ring tech­no­lo­gy (AMD Rade­on Fury pro­duc­ts).

Dyna­mic Con­trast Update:

Quala­ti­ve chan­ges are now con­tent adap­ti­ve and pro­vi­des video enthu­si­asts with impro­ved video qua­li­ty and con­trast set­tings (AMD Rade­on R8 285, AMD Rade­on R9 380 and AMD Rade­on Fury pro­duc­ts).

Dis­play­Port to HDMI 2.0 sup­port:

Pro­vi­des full sup­port for Dis­play­Port to HDMI 2.0 con­nec­tions via cer­ti­fied don­gles.

Resol­ved Issu­es:

  • [57198] GTA V — game cras­hes with a TDR error
  • [59298] Final Fan­ta­sy XIV: Hea­vens­ward — game cras­hes when run in Direc­tX 11 mode on some AMD Rade­on R9 390x series pro­duc­ts
  • [76921] The AMD Rade­on Set­tings app­li­ca­ti­on will use the sys­tem default brow­ser when laun­ching web con­tent
  • [77703] A crack­ling noi­se is heard when run­ning a 3D app­li­ca­ti­on in AMD Cross­fire mode with Vsync enab­led
  • [78455] Auto­desk Max 2016 — A crash may be expe­ri­en­ced when laun­ching the app­li­ca­ti­on on some AMD Rade­on pro­duc­ts
  • [78465] Prepar3D — A TDR error may be expe­ri­en­ced when laun­ching the app­li­ca­ti­on on some AMD Rade­on R9 200 and AMD Rade­on R9 300 series pro­duc­ts
  • [80838] A TDR error may be expe­ri­en­ced when play­ing full­screen video using the Win­dows 10 Movies & TV app on some lap­tops with AMD pro­ces­sors and GPU’s
  • [80840] Assassin’s Creed Syn­di­ca­te — Poor sca­ling may be expe­ri­en­ced when laun­ching the game in AMD Cross­fire mode
  • [80939] Secon­da­ry adap­ter may dis­play error code 43 when enabling/disabling AMD Cross­fire
  • [81499] AMD Free­sync does not func­tion on some Intel + AMD lap­top sys­tems under Win­dows 7 and Win­dows 8.1
  • [81531] Assassin’s Creed Syn­di­ca­te — Fli­cke­ring may be obser­ved on rain drops that fall on in game cha­rac­ters
  • [81593] A BSOD error may be encoun­te­red when laun­ching Blu­ray / Win­dows Media Play­er with a wire­less dis­play
  • [81790] Sky­pe — The sys­tem may hang when con­nec­ting to a 1080p video call
  • [81827] Tom Clancy’s Rain­bow Six Sie­ge — Ran­dom cor­rup­ti­on may be expe­ri­en­ced in-game
  • [99999] AMD Free­sync™ does not func­tion if a You­tube video is play­ing along­si­de a 3D app­li­ca­ti­on

Issu­es Resol­ved sin­ce AMD Cata­lyst 15.7.1 and inclu­ded in this dri­ver

  • [58233] Ashes of the Sin­gu­la­ri­ty may fail to launch on some GPUs with 2GB Video Memo­ry.
  • [58435] Dri­ver instal­la­ti­on may halt on some con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons
  • [58450] Some BENQ 144hz Free­sync moni­tors may lose the signal while unin­stal­ling the dri­ver
  • [58485] Anti-Alia­sing set­tings not being retai­ned after chan­ges are app­lied
  • [58495] DiRT Ral­ly cras­hes during game­play and bench­mar­king when laun­ched in Direc­tX 11 mode on some BENQ 144HZ Free­sync moni­tors
  • [58646] Assassin’s Creed Unity may expe­ri­ence minor frame stut­ter when AMD Cross­Fire mode is enab­led
  • [58677] World of War­ships may crash on some AMD Rade­on HD 5000 and HD 6000 series pro­duc­ts
  • [58781] The Direc­tX Dia­gnostic tool does not report Direc­tX 12 avail­ab­le on sup­por­ted pro­duc­ts
  • [58800] Dra­gon Age: Inqui­si­ti­on may crash if laun­ched in Mant­le mode
  • [59081] The AMD Cata­lyst Con­trol Cen­ter ‘update’ opti­on fails to down­load the latest dri­ver
  • [59403] Ashes of the Sin­gu­la­ri­ty - A ‘Dri­ver has stop­ped respon­ding’ error may be expe­ri­en­ced in Direc­tX 12 mode
  • [59474] Dia­blo 3 cras­hes in the Act 2 Deso­la­te Sands area of the game
  • [76924] A TDR error may be expe­ri­en­ced while toggling bet­ween mini­mi­zed and maxi­mi­zed mode while viewing 4K You­Tube con­tent
  • [76930] Inter­mit­tent play­back issu­es with Cyber­link Power­DVD when con­nec­ting to a 3D dis­play with an HDMI cable
  • [77073] Star Wars: Battle­front is able to use high per­for­mance gra­phics when laun­ched on mobi­le devices with swit­cha­ble gra­phics
  • [77176] A TDR error is expe­ri­en­ced when laun­ching Star Wars: Battle­front while a You Tube video plays in the back­ground
  • [77255] The secon­da­ry gra­phics adap­ter is mis­sing in the Device Mana­ger and the AMD Cata­lyst Con­trol Cen­ter after instal­la­ti­on of the dri­ver
  • [77754] A TDR error or crash is expe­ri­en­ced when run­ning the Unre­al Engi­ne 4 Direc­tX bench­mark
  • [77786] Video play­back of MPEG2 video fails with a play­back error/error code mes­sa­ge
  • [77970] Ashes of the Sin­gu­la­ri­ty may crash on some AMD 300 series GPUs
  • [78654] An error may be expe­ri­en­ced when instal­ling the latest gra­phics dri­ver packa­ge on some AMD Rade­on R9 380 series pro­duc­ts
  • [79577] The Intel gra­phics is flag­ged in an error sta­te in the Device Mana­ger in sys­tems with swit­cha­ble gra­phics
  • [79796] The Ocu­lus run­ti­me may crash on launch
  • [419871] BSOD obser­ved when per­forming an express unin­stall of the dis­play dri­ver in 4K reso­lu­ti­on
  • [421165] Battle­field Hard­li­ne beco­mes unre­spon­si­ve after toggling the in-game Vsync opti­on.
  • [421444] Trans­coded clips may fail to play on some Drag and Drop devices
  • [421570] Audio dri­ver is ban­ged out for non-pri­ma­ry ASIC after enab­ling CF and reboo­ting sys­tem
  • [422056] 3DMark Faran­do­le may crash when AMD Mant­le is selec­ted from the test sui­te
  • [422249] A ‘mis­sing Dll’ error mes­sa­ge may be expe­ri­en­ced while doing an express unin­stall of the cur­rent dri­ver
  • [422249] DLL mis­sing popup mes­sa­ge may be encoun­te­red when per­forming an express unin­stall of the dis­play dri­ver.
  • [422261] Mant­le-based app­li­ca­ti­on may crash when sys­tem is woken from sleep mode
  • [422273] A crash may be expe­ri­en­ced on some AMD Rade­on R9 300 series pro­duc­ts while run­ning the Uni­ge­ne bench­mark
  • [422291] Battle­field™ 4 may crash if run in Mant­le mode with AMD Cross­fire enab­led
  • [422342] Cyber­link Power­DVD plays 3D con­tent in 2D mode
  • [422621] With quad AMD Cross­Fire mode enab­led, TDR or blank dis­play occurs when laun­ching Direc­tX 9 app­li­ca­ti­on in full screen
  • [422671] Fli­cke­ring cor­rup­ti­on may occur in Dirt Ral­ly with Advan­ced Blen­ding enab­led
  • [422674] Cor­rup­ti­on may occur in DiRT Ral­ly with CMAA enab­led with Por­trait SLS and AMD Cross­Fire mode enab­led
  • [422675] Inter­mit­tent BSOD occurs when laun­ching a race in Dirt Ral­ly
  • [422797] Dis­play pro­files are not retai­ned after dri­ver upgrade from 14.502 to 15.20
  • [422800] Some “Kave­ri” APU-based sys­tems may expe­ri­ence minor per­for­mance drop on PCMark8 video_group_chat & Casu­al Gaming tests
  • [422806] Battle­field Hard­li­ne cras­hes on pres­sing Ctrl+Alt+Del while run­ning in AMD Mant­le mode
  • [422853] Some sys­tems expe­ri­ence a minor per­for­mance drop from 15.15 to 15.20 in The Wit­cher 3: Wild Hunt with Hair­Works enab­led
  • [423759] Unab­le to app­ly Fill mode in Eye­fi­ni­ty if 2560x1600 and 2560x1440 reso­lu­ti­ons are used tog­e­ther
  • [423924] Unab­le to crea­te an Eye­fi­ni­ty SLS if one of the dis­plays is a MST dis­play device
  • [425417] Win­dows 10 dri­ver instal­la­ti­on may halt on some sys­tems with an AMD 990FX chip­set and AMD Cross­Fire enab­led.
  • [425432] Some BENQ 144hz Free­sync moni­tors may lose the signal while unin­stal­ling the dri­ver
  • [425484] DiRT Ral­ly cras­hes during game­play and bench­mar­king when laun­ched in Direc­tX 11 mode on some BENQ 144HZ Free­sync moni­tors
  • [425496] Mad Max - Color cor­rup­ti­on is obser­ved when Alt+Ctrl+Del is pres­sed fol­lo­wed by the Escape key
  • [425659] Assassin’s Creed Unity may expe­ri­ence minor frame stut­ter when AMD Cross­Fire mode is enab­led

Known Issu­es:

  • [58978] Dirt Ral­ly — A crash may be expe­ri­en­ced star­ting a new race with AMD Cross­fire and AMD Free­sync enab­led
  • [78139] Power­DVD — 3D play­back may fail on some con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons using an HDMI 2.0 don­gle
  • [79428] Star­craft 2: Fli­cke­ring may be obser­ved in the ‘Epi­so­de 3’ cam­pai­gn
  • [80251] Fab­le Legends: The Direc­tX 12 bench­mark may fail to launch on some con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons
  • [80836] Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 — Fli­cke­ring or poor per­for­mance may be expe­ri­en­ced when run­ning in AMD Cross­fire mode
  • [81402] Assassin’s Creed Syn­di­ca­te — A crash may be expe­ri­en­ced when set­ting game to Ultra-High gra­phics mode
  • [81403] Fli­cke­ring may be obser­ved on some Free­sync moni­tors while play­ing Wol­fen­stein — The New Order and Battle­field: Hard­li­ne with Vsync dis­ab­led
  • [81448] A sys­tem restart may be expe­ri­ence when waking the sys­tem from sleep mode on some sys­tems with Intel pro­ces­sors
  • [81489] Unab­le to crea­te 4x1 or 2.1 por­trait mode SLS with 4K dis­plays
  • [81651] Star Wars: Battle­front — tex­tu­re cor­rup­ti­on may be expe­ri­en­ced if the game “Field of View” set­ting is > 100
  • [81736] Call of Duty Online — the game may crash if the Print­s­creen key is pres­sed on a 4K moni­tor
  • [81777] Laun­ching a game from the Game Mana­ger may launch on a sin­gle dis­play after enab­ling and dis­ab­ling AMD Cross­fire in a 3x1 AMD Eye­fi­ni­ty set­up
  • [81809] A crash may be expe­ri­en­ced if an HDMI dis­play is a clo­ned dis­play device on an HP Envy 15 note­book
  • [81844] Unab­le to chan­ge reso­lu­ti­on if a wire­less dis­play is the only con­nec­ted dis­play
  • [81856] Mar­gi­nal­ly increa­sed power con­sump­ti­on may be obser­ved during video play­back
  • [81859] Fli­cke­ring may be expe­ri­en­ced on some moni­tors when AMD Free­sync is enab­led
  • [81915] Assassin’s Creed Syn­di­ca­te — Buil­ding tex­tures may be mis­sing on some AMD Free­sync dis­plays with Vsync enab­led
  • [82083] Ark Sur­vi­val Evol­ved — Poor per­for­mance may be expe­ri­en­ced when run­ning in AMD Cross­fire mode
  • [82093] Star Wars : Battle­front — Some fli­cke­ring may be expe­ri­en­ced in shaded are­as of the screen while game levels are loa­ding
  • [82213] Star Wars :  Battle­front — Some users may expe­ri­ence minor fli­cke­ring or cor­rup­ti­on at dif­fe­rent game loca­ti­on or while viewing the in-game cine­ma­tics
  • [82387] Assassin’s Creed Syn­di­ca­te — The game may crash if the Gaming Evol­ved “In Game Over­lay” is enab­led. A tem­pora­ry work­around is to dis­able the AMD Gaming Evol­ved “In Game Over­lay”



Der AMD Cata­lyst Mobi­li­ty für alle AMD Rade­on R9 M200 sowie R9 M300 Series wur­de eben­falls aktua­li­siert und bie­tet offi­zi­ell auch Unter­stüt­zung für die Endu­ro-Tech­no­lo­gie. Fol­gen­de Note­books wer­den aller­dings nicht offi­zi­ell von dem Trei­ber­pa­ket unter­stützt:

  • Any note­book laun­ched after this dri­ver release.
  • Toshi­ba note­books (plea­se check with your note­book OEM for dri­ver sup­port for the­se note­books)
  • Sony VAIO note­books (plea­se check with your note­book OEM for dri­ver sup­port for the­se note­books)
  • Pana­so­nic note­books (plea­se check with your note­book OEM for dri­ver sup­port for the­se note­books)

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