InSpectre Release #7 mit CPUID veröffentlicht

Das klei­ne Win­dows-Tool InSpec­t­re ist in der Ver­si­on 7 erschie­nen. Es zeigt den Stand der “Lin­de­run­gen” bezüg­lich der Angriff­sze­na­ri­en Spec­t­re und Mel­tdown, und ist dabei erheb­lich über­sicht­li­cher und kom­for­ta­bler als das Powers­hell-Skript, das Micro­soft im Janu­ar ver­öf­fent­licht hat. Zudem kann das Tool die Gegen­maß­nah­men auch an- und abschal­ten sofern bereits instal­liert und die CPU betrof­fen ist.

Hier das Chan­ge­log:

Release #7 — Added the dis­play of the system’s CPUID
Micro­soft will be making Intel (and perhaps AMD?) pro­ces­sor micro­code patches avail­ab­le for the most per­sis­tent Spec­t­re Vari­ant 2 vul­nera­bi­li­ty. The­se will beco­me avail­ab­le over time as they beco­me avail­ab­le from Intel and they will appar­ent­ly need to be manu­al­ly instal­led by inte­rested Win­dows users. It is not yet clear whe­ther Micro­soft will be wil­ling or inte­rested in making the­se patches avail­ab­le for ear­lier ver­si­ons of its Win­dows ope­ra­ting sys­tems, but we can hope.

The patches are app­li­ca­ble to spe­ci­fic CPU models only, which are iden­ti­fied by each chip’s “CPUID.” For this rea­son, InSpec­t­re now pro­min­ent­ly dis­plays the system’s pro­ces­sor CPUID at the top of its sys­tem sum­ma­ry.

Plea­se check this page on Microsoft’s web­site to see whe­ther a micro­code patch for your CPU, deter­mi­ned by its CPUID, is avail­ab­le at any time:

KB4090007: Intel micro­code updates

You can also use your favo­ri­te Inter­net search engi­ne to search for the string “KB4090007” which should always take to that page and to its rela­ted Micro­soft Update Cata­log page to obtain the spe­ci­fic Win­dows update.

Down­load: InSpec­t­re Release 7 [Win­dows]