TechPowerUp GPU‑Z 2.20.0 mit Support für AMD Picasso

Das kos­ten­lo­se Gra­fik­kar­ten-Tool GPU‑Z von Tech­Power­Up ist in einer neu­en Ver­si­on erschie­nen. Mit dem Pro­gramm las­sen sich vie­le Infor­ma­tio­nen über die ver­bau­ten Gra­fik­chips anzei­gen, unter ande­rem mit Sen­so­ren aus­ge­le­se­ne Daten wie Tem­pe­ra­tu­ren, Takt­ra­ten oder Lüfterdrehzahlen.

GPU‑Z läuft gemäß Her­stel­ler unter Win­dows ab Win­dows XP, sowohl unter den 32-Bit- als auch unter den 64-Bit-Versionen.

v2.20.0 (April 30th, 2019)

  • Fixed over­clock get­ting reset on NVIDIA cards with Boost
  • Fixed crash on Pas­cal GPUs when no dri­ver loaded
  • Fixed cras­hes on Apple Vega 12
  • Chan­ged memo­ry bus width capi­ta­liz­a­ti­on from “Bit” to “bit”

v2.19.0 (April 29th, 2019)

  • Added sup­port for AMD Ryzen 3000 Picas­so APUs
  • Added sup­port for NVIDIA GeFor­ce GTX 1650, GTX 1650 Mobi­le, GTX 1660 Ti Mobile,
  • GeFor­ce MX250, TU117‑B
  • Added GeFor­ce MX230 and GP108 tran­sis­tor count
  • AMD Rade­on Pro gra­phics cards now show the appro­pria­te logo
  • Impro­ved EVGA iCX to work bet­ter and more reli­ab­ly detect sen­sor capabilities
  • Added sup­port to detect Direc­tX Ray­t­ra­cing, Varia­ble Rate Shading, WDDM 2.6 and Shader Model 6.5 (lis­ted in Advan­ced panel)
  • Advan­ced Panel now lists new DX12 capa­bi­li­ties intro­du­ced in Win­dows 10 Updates
  • Octo­ber 2018 and May 2019
  • Advan­ced Panel can now detect Tiled Resour­ces Tier 4
  • ASIC Qua­li­ty” in Advan­ced Panel will only be dis­play­ed when avail­ab­le, sin­ce the fea­ture pro­bab­ly won’t be com­ing back for new GPUs
  • Redu­ced start­up time on sys­tem with AMD PowerXpress
  • Added new icons for the ASUS ROG ver­si­on and fixed white line below win­dow title
  • Fixed crash when no cards detec­ted and hovering over dri­ver info
  • Fixed crash on start­up on Win­dows XP machines
  • NVIDIA Tes­la K80 is GK210, not GK110

Down­load: Tech­Power­Up GPU‑Z 2.20.0 [Win­dows]

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