Distributed Computing: SETI@Home — Lasst uns Intel einholen

Nach­dem uns das dies­jäh­ri­ge SETI@Home-Wow!-Event in rela­ti­ve Schlag­di­stanz zum Team der Intel Cor­po­ra­ti­on gebracht hat, gab es im Forum den Vor­schlag ein inof­fi­zi­el­les Jah­res­end-Race bei SETI@Home zu ver­an­stal­ten und dar­aus kann man ja auch ein offi­zi­el­les Jah­res­end-Race machen. Des­we­gen rufen wir alle User auf ihre CPU-Ker­ne aus zu packen und uns beim Dis­tri­bu­t­ed Com­pu­ting Pro­jekt SETI@Home zu unter­stüt­zen, um den Rück­stand von knapp 88 Mil­lio­nen Punk­ten auf das Team der Intel Cor­po­ra­ti­on zu redu­zie­ren.

Wei­ter Infor­ma­tio­nen und Hil­fe gibt es im unse­rem SETI@Home Forum oder im Thread zum Race.

Hin­wei­sen möch­ten wir an die­ser Stel­le auch auf den aktu­el­len News­let­ter von SETI@Home, der über den aktu­el­len Stand beim Prok­jekt berich­tet.

Dear SETI@home Vol­un­teer:

I’ve worked at Berkeley’s SETI Rese­arch Cen­ter for 25 years and co-foun­ded SETI@home. Thank you for your efforts as a mem­ber of the SETI@home team in 2019. Our pro­gram of sear­ching for intel­li­gent extra­ter­restri­al life con­ti­nues to expand, but SETI@home still needs your help.

We are put­ting the finis­hing tou­ches on our Nebu­la soft­ware suite which will ana­ly­ze all results from both SETI@home and SERENDIP VI. We are focu­sing our first efforts on a com­ple­te ana­ly­sis of all SETI@home Are­ci­bo data to date. As you can ima­gi­ne, it is dif­fi­cult to quan­ti­fy the qua­li­ty and sen­si­ti­vi­ty of our ana­ly­sis given that the­re are no known ETIs to use as a refe­rence! So part of the design of Nebu­la is to gene­ra­te a lar­ge num­ber of syn­the­tic ETI-like signals, cal­led bir­dies. Our set of bir­dies ran­ges from tho­se that model sta­tio­na­ry trans­mit­ters on far off pla­nets to trans­mit­ters orbi­t­ing around a varie­ty of pla­net types. We are also loo­king into using machi­ne lear­ning for ano­ma­ly detec­tion.

Two major papers will come out of this ana­ly­sis. One will be on SETI@home as an instru­ment and the other will pre­sent the ana­ly­sis in detail.

This year saw the fur­ther com­mis­sio­ning and impro­ving of SERENDIP VI / FAST­Burst, deploy­ed on the FAST radio tele­scope in Chi­na — now the lar­gest on the pla­net. Our instru­ment is dual pur­po­se, loo­king for both ETI and Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs). FRBs are tran­si­ent radio pul­ses of short dura­ti­on cau­sed by some as yet unknown astro­phy­si­cal pro­cess. During one exci­ting tes­ting ses­si­on we detec­ted repea­ting FRB 121102, a rare repea­ting FRB. The detec­tion demons­tra­tes the sen­si­ti­vi­ty of our instru­ment as this faint signal is detec­ta­ble by very few telescopes/instruments.

We con­ti­nue to obtain raw data from Berkeley’s Bre­akthrough Lis­ten pro­gram. At Green Bank, obser­ving is about to migra­te from loo­king at stars wit­hin our own gala­xy to obser­ving other gala­xies. Mean­while, at Par­kes, we will be sur­vey­ing the galac­tic pla­ne. During this sur­vey the raw “vol­ta­ge” data from the tele­scope will be recor­ded. The­se data will be ide­al for pro­ces­sing by SETI@home vol­un­te­ers like you.

To accom­plish our goals for next year, SETI@home needs two things. First, we need you, and your friends and fami­ly. Plea­se spread the word about SETI@home and encou­ra­ge peop­le to par­ti­ci­pa­te. Second, SETI@home needs the fun­ding to obtain the hard­ware and deve­lop soft­ware requi­red to hand­le new data sources.

I’m hoping that you will give generous­ly to our efforts.


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