AMD Chipsatz-Treiber Adrenalin Edition

Die aktu­el­le Ver­si­on des AMD Chip­satz-Trei­bers für Win­dows 10 beinhal­tet eini­ge Sta­bi­li­täts­ver­bes­se­run­gen. Außer­dem lis­tet AMD bei den im Paket ent­hal­te­nen Ein­zel­trei­bern die Ver­än­de­run­gen expli­zit auf und gibt an, wel­che Trei­ber­ver­sio­nen sich geän­dert haben, mitt­ler­wei­le sogar, wes­halb. So gibt es mit eine neue Ver­si­on des Ryzen Power Plan.

Release Notes:

Release Highlights

  • Gene­ral sys­tem sta­bi­li­ty improvements.

Fixed Issues

  • The chip­set instal­ler .exe help switch is enab­led with the com­mand line instal­la­ti­on instructions.

Known Issues

  • Manu­al sys­tem restart requi­red on Non-Eng­lish OS after the instal­la­ti­on is completed.
  • A Win­dows® Instal­ler pop-up mes­sa­ge may appe­ar during install.
  • The unin­stal­la­ti­on log may not be gene­ra­ted in silent mode.

Chipset Support

Windows® 10



AMD X570 Yes
AMD B550 Yes
AMD A520 Yes
AMD X399 Yes
AMD X470 Yes
AMD B450 Yes
AMD X370 Yes
AMD B350 Yes
AMD A320 Yes

Processor Support

Windows® 10



AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Seri­es Desk­top Processors Yes
1st/2nd/3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Thre­ad­rip­per™ Processors Yes
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processors Yes
AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Pro­ces­sors with Rade­on™ Graphics Yes
AMD Ryzen™ Mobi­le Pro­ces­sors with Rade­on™ Graphics Yes
1st/2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processors Yes
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processors Yes
7th Gen AMD A‑Series Processors Yes

Package Contents

The AMD Ryzen™ Chip­set Dri­ver instal­la­ti­on packa­ge con­tains various inde­pen­dent dri­vers desi­gned to sup­port the fol­lowing Micro­soft® Win­dows® plat­forms. Ope­ra­ting Sys­tem sup­port may vary depen­ding on your spe­ci­fic AMD product

Driver Name

Previous Version

New Version

Change Details

AMD Ryzen Power Plan / 

AMD Pro­ces­sor Power Manage­ment Support
  • Updated Ryzen™ 7 desk­top set­ting to sup­port power sli­der and quie­scent mode
  • Updated Ryzen™ 7 mobi­le sli­der set­ting for Bet­ter Bat­te­ry and Bet­ter Performance
AMD PCI Device Driver Bug fixes
AMD I2C Driver
  • Fixed the Syn­chro­niz­a­ti­on when the­re is a delay
  • Robust Error Hand­ling in case of ghost interrupt
AMD UART Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD GPIO2 Driver No Chan­ge  
PT GPIO Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD PSP Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD IOV Driver New device ID sup­port added
AMD SMBUS Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD AS4 ACPI Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD SFH I2C Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD USB Fil­ter Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD SFH Driver Human Object Detec­tion (HOD) fea­ture added
AMD CIR Driver No Chan­ge  
AMD Micro­PEP Driver No Chan­ge  



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