Dell Technologies Powers AI and Edge Computing with Next Generation PowerEdge Servers

ROUND ROCK, Texas – March 17, 2021 — 

Dell Tech­no­lo­gies (NYSE:DELL) ushers in the next genera­ti­on of com­pu­ting with its most power­ful and secu­re Dell EMC PowerEdge ser­ver port­fo­lio. With the new ser­vers, Dell Tech­no­lo­gies is char­ting the path toward auto­no­mous infra­st­ruc­tu­re to offer grea­ter IT effi­ci­en­cy, embrace AI and address the deman­ds of IT at the edge.

The world’s best-sel­ling ser­ver port­fo­lio2 pro­vi­des the power nee­ded to gain and act on real-time insights from data whe­re­ver it may reside—from core data cen­ters to public clouds and edge loca­ti­ons. Reim­agi­ned with 17 new PowerEdge ser­vers and bols­te­red by 1,100 Dell-owned or filed U.S. patents, the new ser­vers deli­ver their hig­hest per­for­mance to date.

Data is being crea­ted and used in more pla­ces than ever befo­re, and orga­niz­a­ti­ons are chal­len­ged to act on it as quick­ly as pos­si­ble,” said Jeff Boud­reau, pre­si­dent and gene­ral mana­ger, Infra­st­ruc­tu­re Solu­ti­ons Group at Dell Tech­no­lo­gies. “As we inno­va­te for the future of IT, advan­ced auto­ma­ti­on is a must, no mat­ter whe­re infra­st­ruc­tu­re resi­des. Our new PowerEdge ser­vers offer next-level per­for­mance to help cus­to­mers acce­le­ra­te data insights and the move toward auto­no­mous compute.”

Auto­no­mous com­pu­te hel­ps cus­to­mers ful­ly rea­li­ze self-deploy­ed, self-pro­vi­sio­ned and self-mana­ged infra­st­ruc­tu­re in the future. Today, through Dell EMC Open­Ma­na­ge Enter­pri­se, PowerEdge ser­vers and sys­tems manage­ment can deli­ver up to 85% time savings on average and eli­mi­na­te dozens of steps with auto­ma­ti­on.3

Hig­hest per­for­mance to date hel­ps busi­nes­ses reach goals faster

Opti­mi­zing the latest tech­no­lo­gies from AMD and Intel, new PowerEdge ser­vers deli­ver the com­pu­te power nee­ded for cus­to­mers’ most cri­ti­cal workloads and app­li­ca­ti­ons. Examp­le advan­ce­ments include:

  • PowerEdge R6515, fea­turing 3rd Genera­ti­on AMD EPYC™ pro­ces­sors, acce­le­ra­tes data pro­ces­sing capa­bi­li­ties by up to 60% in big data Hado­op data­ba­ses4, spee­ding time to insights.
  • PowerEdge R750, with the upco­m­ing 3rd Genera­ti­on Intel® Xeon® Scala­b­le pro­ces­sors, deli­ver up to 43% grea­ter per­for­mance in sol­ving mas­si­ve­ly par­al­lel line­ar equa­tions5, sup­por­ting most com­pu­ta­tio­nal-hea­vy workloads.

With the vir­tua­li­zed envi­ron­ment we’ve deploy­ed on PowerEdge ser­vers, we have the agi­li­ty to shift workloads as nee­ded,” said Joel Weight, chief tech­no­lo­gy offi­cer at “Whe­ther it’s an email, an incre­a­se in cus­to­mer traf­fic or a machi­ne lear­ning workload that needs to be com­ple­ted quick­ly, we’re able to adjust with the busi­ness’ needs with PowerEdge’s fle­xi­bi­li­ty and performance.”

AI-opti­mi­zed to tack­le the most data-inten­si­ve workloads

PowerEdge ser­vers now fea­ture PCIe Gen 4.0 – doub­ling through­put per­for­mance over the pre­vious genera­ti­on – and up to six acce­le­ra­tors per ser­ver to sup­port the most chal­len­ging, data-inten­si­ve workloads. The­se tech­no­lo­gies, cou­pled with PowerEdge’s auto­no­mous intel­li­gence, make this the most AI-enab­led PowerEdge port­fo­lio to date, enab­ling orga­niz­a­ti­ons to anti­ci­pa­te and more quick­ly respond to their needs.

This latest port­fo­lio fea­tures two all-new, acce­le­ra­tor-opti­mi­zed servers:

  • PowerEdge XE8545, a power­house for AI workloads, powers the latest HPC Rea­dy Solu­ti­on for AI and Data Ana­ly­tics, making it easier to run AI, ana­ly­tics and advan­ced com­pu­ting workloads on one sys­tem. The PowerEdge XE8545 com­bi­nes up to 128 cores of 3rd Genera­ti­on AMD EPYC pro­ces­sors, four NVIDIA A100 GPUs, and opti­mi­zed per­for­mance of NVIDIA’s vGPU soft­ware in a dual socket, 4U rack server.
  • PowerEdge R750xa, pur­po­se-built to boost acce­le­ra­ti­on per­for­mance, deli­vers GPU-den­se per­for­mance for machi­ne lear­ning trai­ning, infe­ren­cing and AI with sup­port for the NVIDIA AI Enter­pri­se soft­ware suite exclu­si­ve­ly avail­ab­le for VMware vSphe­re 7 Update 2. The dual socket, 2U ser­ver is powe­red by the 3rd Genera­ti­on Intel® Xeon® Scala­b­le pro­ces­sors and sup­ports up to four dou­ble-wide GPUs and six sin­gle-wide GPUs

Rug­ge­di­zed and short-depth ser­vers take IT to the edge

Built to thri­ve in remo­te and har­sh envi­ron­ments, the port­fo­lio now inclu­des the new PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 rug­ge­di­zed ser­vers that bring enter­pri­se per­for­mance and secu­ri­ty to a dura­ble form fac­tor. With a har­den­ed chas­sis, mini­mal foot­print and sup­port for mul­ti­ple acce­le­ra­tors, the Intel-based XR11 and XR12 short-depth ser­vers are built for the gro­wing deman­ds of edge-based workloads.

Infra­st­ruc­tu­re has long been evol­ving bey­ond the data cen­ter, and workloads at the edge are only beco­m­ing more com­plex,” said Patrick Moor­head, foun­der and pre­si­dent, Moor Insights & Stra­te­gy. “Dell’s ser­vers and intel­li­gent manage­ment solu­ti­ons give orga­niz­a­ti­ons the com­pu­te opti­ons and tools to run even the most com­plex workloads from the data cen­ter to the edge or whe­re­ver they need to be.”

Secu­ri­ty that’s built-in, not bol­ted on, for end-to-end pro­tec­tion

Orga­niz­a­ti­ons around the world report their top con­cern on the path to digi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on is data pri­va­cy and cyber­se­cu­ri­ty.6 Built with cyber-resi­li­ent archi­tec­tu­re and a well-estab­lis­hed sili­con Root of Trust, the new portfolio’s com­pre­hen­si­ve approach ensu­res PowerEdge ser­vers are secu­re at throughout their lifecy­cle, from manu­fac­tu­ring, deploy­ment and beyond.

Secu­ri­ty starts befo­re deploy­ment with Dell Tech­no­lo­gies Secu­red Com­po­nent Veri­fi­ca­ti­on, a first-of-its-kind offe­ring for ser­vers7 and an exten­si­on to Dell’s Secu­re Sup­ply Chain assuran­ce pro­cess. With uni­que fea­tures, such as PowerEdge UEFI Secu­re Boot Cus­to­miz­a­ti­on,boot secu­ri­ty can be more clo­se­ly mana­ged to bet­ter thwart attacks.

Ener­gy-effi­ci­ent coo­ling, desi­gned with sus­taina­bi­li­ty in mind

Ener­gy-effi­ci­ent pro­ducts are important to the envi­ron­ment and to our cus­to­mers and our com­mit­ment to sus­taina­bi­li­ty is embed­ded into ever­ything we do. With a uni­que­ly desi­gned chas­sis, the new ser­vers fea­ture duc­ted fans and adap­ti­ve coo­ling for more effi­ci­ent power con­sump­ti­on that impro­ves ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy by up to 60% over pre­vious genera­ti­on.1 Cou­pled with mul­ti-vec­tor coo­ling, PowerEdge auto­ma­ti­cal­ly directs air­flow to the hot­test part of the ser­ver for opti­mi­zed coo­ling. Direct Liquid Coo­ling, avail­ab­le on select ser­vers, fea­tures a pro­prie­ta­ry leak-sen­sing tech­no­lo­gy to find and resol­ve issu­es faster.

Fle­xi­ble ways to con­su­me compute

With Pro­ject APEX, Dell Tech­no­lo­gies is reinven­ting how cus­to­mers acqui­re and con­su­me IT. The Dell Tech­no­lo­gies Cloud Con­so­le will pro­vi­de the foun­da­ti­on for Pro­ject APEX, deli­vering a sin­gle, seam­less expe­ri­ence for busi­nes­ses to mana­ge their cloud and as-a-Ser­vice journey.

Through the Dell Tech Cloud Con­so­le, cus­to­mers today can sub­scri­be and con­fi­gu­re com­pu­te instan­ces in pri­va­te or hybrid cloud envi­ron­ments to finetu­ne infra­st­ruc­tu­re capa­bi­li­ties to match their workloads. In the future, com­pa­nies will be able to pro­vi­si­on instan­ces for vir­tu­al machi­nes and con­tai­ner-based workloads, have them deli­ve­r­ed to data cen­ter or at the edge, all with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Addi­tio­nal­ly, the new lin­eup of PowerEdge ser­vers are avail­ab­le with Flex On Demand that allows cus­to­mers to acqui­re the tech­no­lo­gy they need with pay­ments that sca­le to match actu­al usa­ge.**


  • Dell EMC PowerEdge C6525, R7525, R6525, R7515 and R6515 ser­vers with 3rd Genera­ti­on AMD EPYCTM pro­ces­sors are avail­ab­le glo­bal­ly now.
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge XE8545 ser­vers with 3rd Genera­ti­on AMD EPYC pro­ces­sors and NVIDIA A100 GPUs have plan­ned glo­bal avai­la­bi­li­ty on March 29.  
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge C6520, MX750c, R750, R750xa, R650 ser­vers with 3rd Genera­ti­on Intel® Xeon® Scala­b­le pro­ces­sors have plan­ned glo­bal avai­la­bi­li­ty in May 2021.
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge R750xs, R650xs, R550, R450, and the rug­ge­di­zed PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 have plan­ned avai­la­bi­li­ty in the second quar­ter of 2021. 

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Sup­por­ting Quotes

For­rest Nor­rod, seni­or vice pre­si­dent and gene­ral mana­ger, AMD Data Cen­ter and Embed­ded Sys­tems Group

The rela­ti­ons­hip with AMD and Dell Tech­no­lo­gies in the data cen­ter keeps get­ting stron­ger with the launch of the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC ser­ver CPUs, avail­ab­le today in the latest lin­eup of the Dell EMC PowerEdge ser­ver port­fo­lio. Tog­e­ther, we are hel­ping not only to deli­ver some of the world’s hig­hest per­forming ser­vers for enter­pri­se cus­to­mers but are also pushing the bounda­ries on AI with the PowerEdge XE8545.”

Lisa Spel­man, vice pre­si­dent and gene­ral mana­ger, Intel Xeon Products

Dell Tech­no­lo­gies and Intel are com­mit­ted to sol­ving cus­to­mers’ grea­test chal­len­ges, and we belie­ve that Dell’s new PowerEdge ser­vers, powe­red by Intel’s upco­m­ing 3rd Genera­ti­on Xeon scala­b­le plat­form, will pro­vi­de the foun­da­ti­on for cus­to­mers to achie­ve leaps in data cen­ter per­for­mance, sca­la­bi­li­ty, secu­ri­ty, and AI.”

Matt Huff, pre­si­dent, Redapt

Workloads are beco­m­ing more com­plex and cri­ti­cal to busi­nes­ses, and cus­to­mers need advan­ced, secu­re solu­ti­ons to tack­le them. With Dell Tech­no­lo­gies’ new PowerEdge ser­vers, we can empower cus­to­mers to take advan­ta­ge of a full port­fo­lio of opti­mi­zed ser­ver and sys­tems manage­ment tech­no­lo­gies to dri­ve inno­va­ti­on, no mat­ter their needs.”

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