MSI AMD 500‚ÄĎ, 400- and 300-series Motherboards Are Ready to Optimize the Latest Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5000 & 4000 Series Processors

[Tai¬≠pei, Tai¬≠wan] AMD recent¬≠ly announ¬≠ced the latest ‚ÄúZen 3‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúZen 2‚ÄĚ new pro¬≠ces¬≠sors are coming to the mar¬≠ket very soon for DIY users, which includes the ground-brea¬≠king AMD 3D V‚ÄĎCache tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy pro¬≠ces¬≠sor, the AMD Ryzen‚ĄĘ 7 5800X3D. Moreo¬≠ver, the main¬≠stream Ryzen‚ĄĘ 7 5700X, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 5600, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 5500, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 4600G, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 4500, and Ryzen‚ĄĘ 3 4100 are all here for dif¬≠fe¬≠rent levels of sys¬≠tem builds.

All MSI 500‚ÄĎ, 400- and 300-Series Motherboards Comprehensively Support the Latest Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5000 & 4000 Processors with AMD AGESA COMBO PI V2

MSI is com¬≠mit¬≠ted to deli¬≠ver gamers and crea¬≠tors the best expe¬≠ri¬≠en¬≠ces. This is why BIOS update is always gre¬≠at for most users. The latest AMD AGESA COMBO PI V2 BIOS was released for some MSI 500- and 400-series mother¬≠boards. The pur¬≠po¬≠se of AGESA is not only for bet¬≠ter com¬≠pa¬≠ti¬≠bi¬≠li¬≠ty but also for maxi¬≠mi¬≠zing AMD Ryzen‚ĄĘ 7 5800X3D per¬≠for¬≠mance. For the older 300-series mother¬≠boards, we will release the AGESA COMBO PI V2 beta BIOS by the end of April. Plea¬≠se refer to the fol¬≠lo¬≠wing chart for more information.

For our users, MSI will con­ti­nue to update the latest news. Plea­se fol­low MSI offi­ci­als and check the pro­duct pages for BIOS updates.
*Ryzen‚ĄĘ 7 5800X3D, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 7 5700X, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 5600, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 5500, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 4600G, Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 4500, and Ryzen‚ĄĘ 3 4100
**AMD X370, B350, and A320 mother¬≠boards do not sup¬≠port Ryzen‚ĄĘ 5 5500 pro¬≠ces¬≠sors for now, plea¬≠se refer to AMD‚Äôs offi¬≠ci¬≠al announce¬≠ment for infor¬≠ma¬≠ti¬≠on regar¬≠ding the sup¬≠port of AM4 socket processors.
***Down¬≠load and install the latest BIOS using M‚ÄĎFlash or BIOS Flash¬≠back to update affec¬≠ted models.
****Ensu¬≠re to always down¬≠load the latest BIOS from cor¬≠re¬≠spon¬≠ding pro¬≠duct pages.
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