DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.4.1

Der DRAM Cal짯cu짯la짯tor for Ryzen hilft beim 횥ber짯tak짯ten des Arbeits짯spei짯chers auf Platt짯for짯men mit AMDs Ryzen-Pro짯zes짯so짯ren, indem auf Basis der Daten des ein짯ge짯setz짯ten Arbeits짯spei짯chers Vor짯schl채짯ge f체r die Ein짯stel짯lun짯gen der Timings gemacht werden.

v1.4.1 (January 17th, 2019)

  • Added a win짯dow with infor짯ma짯ti짯on about the mini짯mum vol짯ta짯ge for SOC
  • Major updated pre짯sets for : sam짯sung b멶ie , sam짯sung d/e멶ie , hynix cjr , hynix mfr , hynix cjr (timings, voltages)
  • Minor updated other pre짯sets (timings)
  • Some cor짯rec짯tions for debug profile
  • Other corrections/bug fixes


  • In some pre짯sets tRC a mul짯ti짯ple of tRFC (bet짯ter sta짯bi짯li짯ty and performance)
  • Hynix MFR V2 pro짯fi짯le has been dele짯ted (many users had dif짯fi짯cul짯ty choo짯sing the right profile)
  • tWR셲 basic recom짯men짯da짯ti짯on is now 12 (this high timing timing adver짯se짯ly affects stability)
  • RTT_NOM . Newer BIOS ver짯si짯ons should not always have RZQ / 7 (34ohm), some짯ti짯mes the RZQ/6(40ohm) or dis짯ab짯led has bet짯ter stability
  • CAD_BUS. AddrCMD짯Drv짯Str slight짯ly increa짯ses with the fre짯quen짯cy of the RAM, 2430(ohm) are the opti짯mal value.
  • New bios allow a slight decrease in SOC vol짯ta짯ge (that셲 why I crea짯ted a win짯dow with infor짯ma짯ti짯on about the mini짯mum voltage)

Down짯load: DRAM Cal짯cu짯la짯tor for Ryzen v1.4.1 Win 10, 8, 7 (32 Bit & 64 Bit)

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