AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta V1.6 für Windows und Linux — Bringt Unterstützung für Mantle-API


AMD hat nach einer Wochen­end­schicht den Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta V1.6 für Win­dows und Linux zum Down­load bereit­ge­stellt, mit dem erst­mals Unter­stüt­zung für die neue hard­warenä­he­re 3D-Pro­gram­mier­schnitt­stel­le Mant­leFrame Pacing bei Dual-Gra­phics-Sys­te­men sowie eini­ge HSA-Fea­tures gebo­ten wer­den. Zudem ist die Pha­se 2 der Frame-Pacing-Tech­no­lo­gie für die Cross­Fire-Gespan­ne ohne XDMA-Ver­bin­dung enthalten.

In die Janu­ar-Aus­ga­be des Trei­ber­pa­ke­tes sind zudem erneut Opti­mie­run­gen zur Ver­bes­se­rung der Sta­bi­li­tät und Kom­pa­ti­bi­li­tät mit diver­sen Anwen­dun­gen ein­ge­flos­sen. Eine voll­stän­di­ge Lis­te der vom Trei­ber unter­stütz­ten Hard­ware sowie sämt­li­cher beho­be­ner und bekann­ter Pro­ble­me kann den offi­zi­el­len Release Notes ent­nom­men wer­den. Soll­tet Ihr von Pro­ble­men betrof­fen sein, die dar­in nicht auf­ge­führt wer­den, dann könnt Ihr das offi­zi­el­le Cata­lyst Crew Feed­back Form ver­wen­den, um das Trei­ber-Team dar­auf auf­merk­sam zu machen. Eine Hil­fe­stel­lung für das For­mu­lar könnt Ihr hier fin­den.

Catalyst 14.1 Beta 1.6 - CCC-Softwareinfo
AMD Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta v1.6 — CCC-Softwareinformation

Die Trei­ber ste­hen für Win­dows 8.1, 8, 7 und Linux zum Down­load bereit, wobei jeweils sowohl die 32-Bit- als auch die 64-Bit-Ver­si­on im jewei­li­gen Instal­ler ent­hal­ten sind. Vis­ta-Nut­zer kön­nen den Trei­ber eben­falls instal­lie­ren, aller­dings hat uns AMD zu ver­ste­hen gege­ben, dass Micro­softs unge­lieb­ter Spross in der Qua­li­täts­si­che­rung und Ent­wick­lung nur noch eine unter­ge­ord­ne­te Rol­le spielt.

Was ist neu?

Fea­ture High­lights of The AMD Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta Dri­ver for Windows

Sup­port for the fol­lowing new AMD Desk­top APU (Acce­le­ra­ted Pro­ces­sors) products:

  • AMD A10-7850K
  • AMD A10-7700K

Mant­le Beta driver:

  • AMD’s Mant­le is a ground­brea­king gra­phics API that pro­mi­ses to trans­form the world of game deve­lo­p­ment to help bring bet­ter, fas­ter games to the PC
  • Per­for­mance gain of up to 45% (ver­sus the Direc­tX ver­si­on) for Battle­field 4 on the R9 290 Series
  • Per­for­mance gain of up to 200% (ver­sus the Direc­tX ver­si­on) for Star Swarm on the R9 290 Series
  • AMD Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta must be used in con­junc­tion with ver­si­ons of the­se app­li­ca­ti­ons that sup­port Mantle
  • It is expec­ted that the­se app­li­ca­ti­ons will have future updates to sup­port addi­tio­nal AMD Mant­le features
  • AMD Mant­le Beta dri­ver is cur­r­ent­ly sup­por­ted on: 
    • AMD Rade­on R9 Seri­es GPUs
    • AMD Rade­on R7 Seri­es GPUs
    • AMD Rade­on HD 7000 Seri­es GPUs
    • AMD Rade­on HD 8000 Seri­es GPUs
    • AMD A10-7000 Seri­es and AMD A8-7000 Seri­es APUs
  • ​​​​​For addi­tio­nal details plea­se see the AMD Mant­le Tech­no­lo­gy FAQ on​

Enhan­ced AMD Cross­Fire frame pacing – Sup­port for 4K panel and Eye­fi­ni­ty non-XDMA Cross­Fire solu­ti­ons (inclu­ding the AMD Rade­on R9 280, 270 Seri­es, 7900 Seri­es,  7800 Seri­es) and Dual Gra­phics configurations

  • ​​​Frame pacing ensu­res that frames ren­de­red across mul­ti­ple GPUs in an AMD Cross­Fire con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on will be dis­play­ed at an even and regu­lar pace
  • Sup­por­ted on 4K panels and Eye­fi­ni­ty configurations
  • Sup­por­ted on AMD Dual Gra­phics configurations
  • Sup­por­ted on Direc­tX 10 and Direc­tX 11 applications

Resol­ved Issues

  • Ground tex­tu­re fli­cke­ring seen in Total War: Rome 2 with high set­tings (and below) set in game
  • Fli­cke­ring tex­tu­re cor­rup­ti­on when play­ing Call of Duty: Ghosts (mul­ti-play­er) in the space sta­ti­on level
  • Blu-ray play­back using Power­DVD black screen on exten­ded mode
  • Strea­ming VUDU HD/HDX con­tent on Sharp PN-K321 (DP) cau­ses the right-side half to fli­cker in and out
  • Black screen hap­pen­ed after wake up the monitor
  • Full screen issue at rota­ti­on in DX9 mode
  • Video win­dow black screen when using Sam­sung Kies to play video
  • Crysis2 nega­ti­ve sca­ling in out­door scene
  • Crysis2 has insuf­fi­ci­ent Cross­Fire sca­ling in some scene
  • Red Fac­tion: The game has no or nega­ti­ve cross­fire sca­ling with DX9 and DX11
  • Age of Con­an has cor­rup­ti­on and per­for­mance issu­es with cross­fire enabled
  • Com­pa­ny of Heroes shadows are cor­rup­ted when using crossfire
  • Resi­dent Evil5 ’s per­for­mance is unsta­ble when dis­play mode set to Win­dow mode
  • Total War: Sho­gun 2 fli­cke­ring menu/text
  • Frame rate drop when dis­ab­ling post-pro­ces­sing in 3DMark06
  • Nega­ti­ve Cross­fire sca­ling with game “The Secret World” in DX11 mode
  • F1 2012 Cras­hes to desktop
  • Tomb Rai­der Hair Simu­la­ti­on Stut­ters on CFX
  • Nega­ti­ve Cross­Fire sca­ling expe­ri­en­ced in Call of Duty
  • Battle­field 3 per­for­mance drop on Has­well systems
  • Chop­py video play­back on 4k Video
  • VSync ON Tea­ring with 2x1 Eye­fi­ni­ty SLS CrossFire
  • Far Cry 3 — Game fli­cke­ring while chan­ging resolutions
  • Dis­play cor­rup­ti­on and BSOD occurs when exten­ding a dis­play after dis­ab­ling Mul­ti­ple GPU SLS array
  • Fli­cke­ring seen when enab­le three 4kx2k panels at the same time
  • No Video, just a black screen when set­ting Chro­me to run in “High Per­for­mance” when play­ing cer­tain video clips
  • Image cras­hed on Star­craft game

Known Issu­es

  • Mant­le per­for­mance for the AMD Rade­on HD 7000/HD 8000 Seri­es GPUs and AMD Rade­on R9 280X and R9 270X GPUs will be opti­mi­zed for Battle­Field 4 in future AMD Cata­lyst relea­ses. The­se pro­ducts will see limi­ted gains in Battle­Field 4 and AMD is cur­r­ent­ly inves­ti­ga­ting opti­miz­a­ti­ons for them.
  • Mul­ti-GPU sup­port under Direc­tX and Mant­le will be added to StarS­warm in a future app­li­ca­ti­on patch
  • Inter­mit­tent stut­te­ring or sta­bi­li­ty issu­es may occur when uti­li­zing Mant­le with AMD Cross­Fire tech­no­lo­gy in Battle­Field 4 — AMD recom­mends using the Direc­tX code path when play­ing Battle­field 4 with mul­ti­ple GPUs.   A future AMD Cata­lyst release will resol­ve the­se issues
  • Note­books based on AMD Endu­ro or PowerX­press tech­no­lo­gies are cur­r­ent­ly not sup­por­ted by the Mant­le code­path in Battle­field 4
  • AMD Eye­fi­ni­ty con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons uti­li­zing por­trait dis­play ori­en­ta­ti­ons are cur­r­ent­ly not sup­por­ted by the Mant­le code­path in Battle­field 4
  • AMD Eye­fi­ni­ty tech­no­lo­gy is not cur­r­ent­ly sup­por­ted in the Star Swarm​ app­li­ca­ti­on
  • AMD tes­ting for the AMD Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta Mant­le dri­ver has been con­cen­tra­ted on the fol­lowing pro­ducts: AMD Rade­on R9 290X, R9 290, R9 280, R9 270, R7 260X, R7 260, HD 7000 Seri­es, HD 8000 Seri­es, A10-7850K and A10-7700K. Future AMD Cata­lyst relea­ses will inclu­de full test coverage for all AMD pro­ducts sup­por­ted by Mantle.
  • Gra­phics hard­ware in the AMD A10-7850K and A10-7700K may over­ri­de the pre­sence of a dis­cre­te GPU under the Mant­le code path in Battle­field 4
  • Frame Pacing for Dual Gra­phics and non-XDMA con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons abo­ve 2560x1600 do not cur­r­ent­ly work with Battle­field 3 and Battle­field 4.  An upco­m­ing release will enab­le support
  • DX9 Dual gra­phics is not sup­por­ted in AMD Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta. An upco­m­ing release will enab­le support

High­lights of the AMD Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta Dri­ver for Linux:
This release of AMD Cata­lyst Linux intro­du­ces sup­port for the fol­lowing new:


  • AMD A10-7850K
  • AMD A10-7700K


  • RHEL 6.5 pro­duc­tion support
  • open­SU­SE 13.1 pro­duc­tion support
  • Ubun­tu 13.10 pro­duc­tion support
  • Xser­ver 1.15 support
  • Ker­nel 3.13 support

Resol­ved Issues:

    • [386897] : Sys­tem hang on resu­me from S4 with OpenGL screen saver running
    • [387678] : Back­trace occurs when kill X
    • [387664] : Fai­led to start X without ker­nel modu­le loaded
    • [378620] : Open­CL test fail­u­re in Cross­Fire Mode
    • [386945] : piglit test “spec/ARB_copy_buffer/overlap” failed
    • [386710] : piglit test “spec/ARB_draw_buffers_blend” failed
    • [386818] : piglit test “spec/OpenGL 2.0/depth-tex-modes-glsl” failed
    • [386941] : piglit test “spec/ARB_blend_func_extended” failed
    • [386903] : piglit test “spec/OpenGL 3.0/gl‑3.0‑required-sized-texture-formats” failed
    • [386840] : View­port goes blank when mou­se cur­sor lea­ves when run Hou­di­ni on Ubuntu
    • [387596] : piglit test “spec/ARB_framebuffer_object (fbo-scis­sor-blit)” failed
    • [389174] : Fai­led to get fan speed on Bon­aire card
    • [388110] : Inter­mit­tent fla­shing pro­blem when run­ning at 2560x1600
    • [372656] : Crash when resi­zing Konsole
    • [388325] : Bright­ness can­not be adjus­ted on Ubun­tu 12.04 LTS
    • [388330] : piglit test “spec/ARB_framebuffer_object (fbo-blit-stretch)” failed
    • [385457] : Blue/white screen after using Goog­le-chro­me to run fishietank
    • [388500] : piglit test “spec/EXT_texture_integer” failed
    • [388802] : piglit test “spec/ARB_map_buffer_alignment” failed
    • [386396] : piglit test “spec/AR­B_­dept­h_­buf­fer_­float/f­bo-depths­ten­cil-draw­pi­xels” failed
    • [389431] : Screens are dis­tor­ted when con­nec­ting an exter­nal moni­tor on some Has­well platforms
    • [389530] : Blank screen/crash obser­ved while run­ning uni­gi­ne hea­ven bench­mark in win­do­wed mode
    • [387124] : Open­CL per­for­mance drop obser­ved on Hawaii com­pa­red to Tahi­ti XT
    • [386940] : piglit test “spec/EXT_texture_sRGB” failed
    • [392137] : [Steam­OS] Fai­led to return to desk­top from steam.
    • [392015] : [Steam­OS] Screen is locked when chan­ging user.
    • [392014] : [Steam­OS] Fai­led to log­in Steam sometimes
    • [391231] : Blank screen obser­ved while run­ning steam games with Big picture

Open Issu­es:

    • [390964] : Stut­te­ring and poor per­for­mance after play­ing an OpenGL game for a several minu­tes on Ubuntu
    • [393377] : Ter­mi­nal panel stops refres­hing until the­re is move­ment from mou­se cursor
    • [392546] : Sys­tem hang obser­ved while hot­plug­ing the ste­reo display
    • [388835] : Cor­rup­ti­on and sys­tem hang obser­ved while run­ning Sanc­tua­ry BM with TFD enable
    • [392552] : Enab­ling Over­lay: Star­tX , the screen shows corruption

Ach­tung! Wie bei allen Beta‑, Release-Can­di­da­te‑, Pre­view- und Hot­fix-Trei­bern sei auch hier der Hin­weis ange­bracht, dass es sich nicht um eine voll umfäng­lich getes­te­te Soft­ware han­delt, in der auch schwe­re­re Feh­ler noch ent­hal­ten sein kön­nen. Der ange­bo­te­ne Beta-Trei­ber rich­tet sich in ers­ter Linie an Enthu­si­as­ten, die stets die aktu­ells­ten Fea­tures und Opti­mie­run­gen nut­zen wol­len. Er soll­te jedoch nicht auf Pro­duk­tiv­sys­te­men instal­liert werden!


Ach­tung! Laut AMD soll­te vor der Instal­la­ti­on des Cata­lyst 14.1 Beta unbe­dingt der alte Trei­ber deinstal­liert werden!

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