AMD Chipsatz-Treiber Adrenalin Edition

In der aktu­el­len Ver­si­on des AMD Chip­satz-Trei­bers sind neue­re Ver­sio­nen des “SFH I2C Dri­ver”, des “PCI Device Dri­ver”,  des “Micro­PEP Dri­ver”, des “PCI Device Dri­ver”, des ” IOV Dri­ver” und des “SFH Dri­ver” für Win­dows 10 ent­hal­ten. Zudem soll die feh­ler­haf­te Instal­la­ti­ons­rou­ti­ne der Vor­gän­ger­ver­si­on end­gül­tig beho­ben wor­den sein. Zudem soll die Unter­stüt­zung für neue AGE­SA-Codes künf­ti­ger BIOS-Ver­sio­nen inte­griert wor­den sein.

Seit dem letz­ten Jahr gibt AMD für den Chip­satz­trei­ber Release Notes her­aus, die aller­dings nur die Ver­sio­nen der ein­zel­nen Gerä­te­trei­ber ent­hal­ten. In den Release Notes haben wir die im Ver­gleich zum vor­her­ge­hen­den Release aktua­li­sier­ten Ein­zel­trei­ber mit “Neu” markiert.

Release Notes:

AMD Ryzen™ Chipset Driver Release Notes ( Highlights

Release Highlights

  • Instal­ler dis­plays more descrip­ti­ve messages in case of errors and instal­la­ti­on failures

Fixed Issues

  • Dri­ver unin­stall fails if the Win­dows user accounts for install and unin­stall are different
  • Resol­ved con­di­ti­on whe­re GPIO dri­ver may not upgrade from pre­vious chip­set dri­ver version

Known Issues

  • Instal­ler may fail to launch if exe­cu­t­ed from a fol­der name with non-Latin language
    • Work­around: Exe­cu­te the instal­ler from C:\AMD
  • Manu­al sys­tem restart requi­red for Win­dows® sys­tems con­fi­gu­red with Non-Eng­lish OS Pack
  • Win­dows Instal­ler pop-up mes­sa­ge may appe­ar during install
  • Moving instal­ler win­dow during install pro­cess may cau­se instal­ler win­dow to flicker/move around the screen
  • Can­not open instal­la­ti­on log file after completion. 
  • Instal­ler may not down­gra­de to older version 
    • Work­around: Manu­al­ly unin­stall latest packa­ge from con­trol panel and then install older package


Chipset Support


Windows 7

Windows 10

AMD TRX40 No Yes
AMD X570 No Yes
AMD X399 No Yes
AMD X470 Yes Yes
AMD B450 Yes Yes
AMD X370 Yes Yes
AMD B350 Yes Yes
AMD A320 Yes Yes

Processor Support


Windows 7

Windows 10

1st/2nd/3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Thre­ad­rip­per™ Processors No Yes
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processors No Yes
AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Pro­ces­sors with Rade­on™ Graphics No Yes
AMD Ryzen™ Mobi­le Pro­ces­sors with Rade­on™ Graphics No Yes
1st/2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processors Yes Yes
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processors Yes Yes
7th Gen AMD A‑Series Processor Yes Yes

Package Contents

The AMD Ryzen™ Chip­set Dri­ver instal­la­ti­on packa­ge con­tains various inde­pen­dent dri­vers desi­gned to sup­port the fol­lowing Micro­soft® Win­dows® plat­forms. Ope­ra­ting Sys­tem sup­port may vary depen­ding on your spe­ci­fic AMD product

Driver Name

Windows 7

Windows 10

AMD Ryzen Power Plan No
AMD PCI Device Driver Neu
AMD I2C Driver No Neu
AMD UART Driver No
AMD GPIO2 Driver No
PT GPIO Driver No
AMD PSP Driver Neu
AMD IOV Driver Neu
AMD AS4 ACPI Driver No
AMD SFH I2C Driver No
AMD USB Fil­ter Driver
AMD SFH Driver No Neu
AMD CIR Driver
AMD Micro­PEP Driver No Neu
AMD USB 3.0 Dri­ver for ZP No
PT USB 3.1 Driver No
AMD USB Dri­ver for Hudson No
AMD SATA Driver No
AMD USB 3.1 Driver No


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