AMD Catalyst 14.30 — Windows- & Linux-Treiber für Radeon R9 285

AMD hat einen Trei­ber spe­zi­ell für die gestern gelaunch­te Rade­on R9 285 auf Basis der neu­en “Tonga”-GPU zum Down­load bereit­ge­stellt. Das neue Trei­ber-Paket basiert auf dem Ent­wick­lungs­zweig 14.30, sodass es sich im Ver­gleich zum Cata­lyst 14.7 RC3 (14.20) um einen aktu­el­le­ren Ent­wick­lungs­stand han­delt. Anga­ben zu den Neue­run­gen gegen­über dem letz­ten RC-Trei­ber macht AMD nicht.

Die Trei­ber ste­hen für Win­dows 8.1, 7 und Linux zum Down­load bereit, wobei sowohl die 32-Bit- als auch die 64-Bit-Ver­si­on im jewei­li­gen Instal­ler ent­hal­ten sind. Vis­ta-Nut­zer kön­nen den Trei­ber eben­falls instal­lie­ren, aller­dings hat uns AMD zu ver­ste­hen gege­ben, dass Micro­softs unge­lieb­ter Spross in der Qua­li­täts­si­che­rung und Ent­wick­lung nur noch eine unter­ge­ord­ne­te Rol­le spielt.

Was ist neu?

Fea­ture High­lights of the AMD Cata­lyst 14.7​ RC3 Dri­ver for Windows

  • Inclu­des all impro­ve­ments found in the AMD Cata­lyst 14.7 RC driver
  • Dis­play inter­face enhan­ce­ments to impro­ve 4k moni­tor per­for­mance and redu­ce flickering.
    • Impro­ve­ments app­ly to the fol­lowing products:
        • ​AMD Rade­on R9 290 Series
        • AMD Rade­on R9 270 Series
        • AMD Rade­on HD 7800 Series
    • ​ ​Even with the­se impro­ve­ments, cable qua­li­ty and other sys­tem varia­bles can affect 4k per­for­mance. AMD recom­mends using Dis­play­Po­rt 1.2 HBR2 cer­ti­fied cables with a length of 2m (~6 ft) or less when dri­ving 4K monitors. 
  • Wild­star: AMD Cross­fire pro­fi­le support
  • Lich­dom: Sin­gle GPU and Mul­ti-GPU per­for­mance enhancements
  • Watch Dogs: Smoot­her game­play on sin­gle GPU and Mul­ti-GPU configurations

Fea­ture High­lights of the AMD Cata­lyst 14.7​ RC Dri­ver for Windows

  • Inclu­des all impro­ve­ments found in the AMD Cata­lyst 14.6 RC driver
  • AMD ​Cross­Fire and AMD Rade­on Dual Gra­phics pro­fi­le update for Plants vs. Zombies
  • Assassin’s Creed IV — impro­ved Cross­Fire sca­ling (3840x2160 High Set­tings) up to 93%
  • Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with AOC has iden­ti­fied non-stan­dard dis­play timings as the root cau­se of 60Hz SST fli­cke­ring exhi­bi­ted by the AOC U2868PQU panel on cer­tain AMD Rade­on gra­phics cards. A soft­ware work­around has been imple­men­ted in AMD Cata­lyst 14.7 RC dri­ver to resol­ve the dis­play timing issu­es with this display. 
    • Users are fur­ther encou­ra­ged to obtain newer dis­play firm­ware from AOC that will resol­ve fli­cke­ring at its origin. 
    • Users are addi­tio­nal­ly advi­sed to uti­li­ze Dis­play­Po­rt-cer­ti­fied cables to ensu­re the inte­gri­ty of the Dis­play­Po­rt data connec­tion.​​

Known Issu­es

  • Run­ning Watch Dogs with a R9 280X Cross­Fire con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on may result in the app­li­ca­ti­on run­ning in Cross­Fire soft­ware com­po­si­t­ing mode
  • Enab­ling Tem­po­ral SMAA in a Cross­Fire con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on when play­ing Watch Dogs will result in flickering
  • AMD Cross­Fire con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons with AMD Eye­fi­ni­ty enab­led will see insta­bi­li­ty with Battle­Field 4 or Thief when run­ning Mantle
  • Cata­lyst Install Mana­ger text is cove­r­ed by Express/Custom radio but­ton text
  • Express Unin­stall does not remo­ve C:\Program Files\(AMD or ATI) folder

Fea­ture High­lights of The AMD Cata­lyst 14.6 RC Dri­ver for Windows

  • Plants vs. Zom­bies (Direct3D per­for­mance improvements): 
    • AMD Rade­on R9 290X — 1920x1080 Ultra – impro­ves up to 11%
    • AMD Rade­on R9 290X — 2560x1600 Ultra – impro­ves up to 15%
    • AMD Rade­on R9 290X Cross­Fire con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on (3840x2160 Ultra) — 92% scaling
  • 3DMark Sky Diver improvements: 
    • AMD A4 6300 – impro­ves up to 4%
    • Enab­les AMD Dual Gra­phics / AMD Cross­Fire support
  • Grid Auto Sport: 
    • AMD Cross­Fire profile
  • Wild­star:
    • Power Xpress profile
    • Per­for­mance impro­ve­ments to impro­ve smooth­ness of application
    • Per­for­mance impro­ves up to 24% at 2560x1600 on the AMD Rade­on R9 and R7 Seri­es of pro­ducts for both sin­gle GPU and mul­ti-GPU configurations.
  • Watch Dogs:
    • AMD Cross­Fire – Frame pacing improvements
  • Battle­field Hard­li­ne Beta: 
    • AMD Cross­Fire profile

Fea­ture High­lights of The AMD Cata­lyst 14.6 Beta V1.0 Dri­ver for Windows

  • Per­for­mance improvements 
    • Watch Dogs per­for­mance improvements 
      • AMD Rade­on R9 290X — 1920x1080 4x MSAA – impro­ves up to 25%
      • AMD Rade­on R9 290X — 2560x1600 4x MSAA – impro­ves up to 28%
      • AMD Rade­on R9 290X Cross­Fire con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on (3840x2160 Ultra set­tings, MSAA = 4X) — 92% scaling
    • Mur­de­red: Soul Suspect per­for­mance improvements 
      • AMD Rade­on R9 290X – 2560x1600 4x MSAA – impro­ves up to 16%
      • AMD Rade­on R9 290X Cross­Fire con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on (3840x2160 Ultra set­tings, MSAA = 4X) — 93% scaling

  • AMD Eye­fi­ni­ty enhancements: 
    • Mixed Reso­lu­ti­on Support 
      • A new archi­tec­tu­re pro­vi­ding brand new capabilities
      • Dis­play groups can be crea­ted with moni­tors of dif­fe­rent reso­lu­ti­on (inclu­ding dif­fe­rence sizes and shapes)
      • Users have a choice of how sur­face is crea­ted over the dis­play group 
        1. Fill – lega­cy mode, best for iden­ti­cal monitors
        2. Fit – crea­te the Eye­fi­ni­ty sur­face using best avail­ab­le rect­an­gu­lar area with atta­ched displays.
        3. Expand – crea­te a vir­tu­al Eye­fi­ni­ty sur­face using desk­tops as view­ports onto the surface.

    • Eye­fi­ni­ty Dis­play Alignment 
      • Enab­les con­trol over align­ment bet­ween adja­cent monitors

    • One-Click Set­up
      • Dri­ver detects lay­out of exten­ded desktops 
        1. Can crea­te Eye­fi­ni­ty dis­play group using this lay­out in one click!

  • New user con­trols for video color and dis­play settings 
    • Grea­ter con­trol over Video Color Management: 
      • Con­trols have been expan­ded from a sin­gle sli­der for con­trol­ling Boost and Hue to per color axis
    • Color depth con­trol for Digi­tal Flat Panels (avail­ab­le on sup­por­ted HDMI and DP displays) 
      • Allows users to select dif­fe­rent color depths per reso­lu­ti­on and display

  • AMD Mant­le enhancements 
        • Mant­le now sup­ports AMD Mobi­le pro­ducts with Endu­ro technology 
          • Battle­field 4: AMD Rade­on HD 8970M (1366x768; high set­tings) – 21% gain
          • Thief: AMD Rade­on HD 8970M (1920x1080; high set­tings) – 14% gain
          • Star Swarm: AMD Rade­on HD 8970M (1920x1080; medi­um set­tings) – 274% gain
        • Enab­les sup­port for Mul­ti-GPU con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons with Thief (requi­res the latest Thief update)

  • AMD AM1 JPEG deco­ding acceleration 
    • JPEG deco­ding acce­le­ra­ti­on was first enab­led on the A10 APU Seri­es in AMD Cata­lyst 14.1 beta, and has now been exten­ded to the AMD AM1 Platform
    • Pro­vi­des fast JPEG decompression
    • Pro­vi­des Power Effi­ci­en­cy for JPEG decompression

High­lights of the AMD Cata­lyst 14.6 Beta V1.0 Dri­ver for Linux:
This release of AMD Cata­lyst Linux intro­du­ces sup­port for the fol­lowing new:

  • Ubun­tu 14.04 support
  • Install impro­ve­ments
    • Packa­ge and dis­tri­bu­ti­on genera­ti­on opti­ons; recom­mend opti­ons set by default 
      • Help user install gene­ra­ted dis­tri­bu­ti­on packa­ge once created
    • Pop-up messages to help gui­de users through the install process 
      • Iden­ti­fy­ing and instal­la­ti­on of pre-requisites

Resol­ved Issue highlights:

  • Wit­cher 2: Resol­ves ran­dom lock-up seen when laun­ching the application
  • (398826) Screen cor­rup­ti­on when con­nect exter­nal moni­tor to some PowerX­press A+I platform
  • (396719) X crash when do rota­ti­on with Tear Free Desk­top enabled
  • (397810) Fail­u­re on exit of OpenGL programs
  • (398424) Error mes­sa­ge when run clin­fo in con­so­le mode
  • (396098) Blank screen when hot­plug HDMI moni­tor from MST hub
  • (396795) Sys­tem hang after resu­me from S3/S4 in High Per­for­mance mode on PowerX­press A+I platform
  • (396870) Gar­ba­ge on the bot­tom right cor­ner of screen befo­re boot into log­in UI during restart
  • (394504) Seg­menta­ti­on fault when run ETQW

Open Issu­es:

  • DOTA 2 may hang while play­ing on the AMD Rade­on HD 7900 or AMD Rade­on R9 280X
  • Wit­cher 2 exhi­bits inter­mit­tent cor­rup­ti­on when swin­ging sword in the Arena

Ach­tung! Wie bei allen Beta‑, Release-Can­di­da­te‑, Pre­view- und Hot­fix-Trei­bern sei auch hier der Hin­weis ange­bracht, dass es sich nicht um eine voll­um­fäng­lich getes­te­te Soft­ware han­delt, in der auch schwe­re­re Feh­ler noch ent­hal­ten sein kön­nen. Der ange­bo­te­ne Beta-Trei­ber rich­tet sich in ers­ter Linie an Enthu­si­as­ten, die stets die aktu­el­len Fea­tures und Opti­mie­run­gen nut­zen wol­len. Er soll­te jedoch nicht auf Pro­duk­tiv­sys­te­men instal­liert werden!


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