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ASRock Launches The X570 PG Velocita! Unlock Limitation of AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Desktop Processor

TAIPEI, Tai­wan, Novem­ber 5th, 2020 – For AMD Ryzen 5000 Seri­es desk­top pro­ces­sor, ASRock, a lea­ding glo­bal mother­board manu­fac­tu­rer, has laun­ched the X570 PG Velo­ci­ta. It is a new crew of Phan­tom Gaming seri­es desi­gned to meet the needs of high-end gamers and the best choice for high pri­ce-per­for­mance build.

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19″ 1HE PUZZLE-A001 von ICP Deutschland mit AMD Embedded Epyc 3000

1HE Uni­ver­sal Cus­to­mer Pre­mi­se Equip­ment Spe­zi­el­le Netz­werk­an­wen­dun­gen las­sen sich mit dem 19″ 1HE PUZZLE-A001 von ICP Deutsch­land auf ein­fa­che Wei­se rea­li­sie­ren. Ob zum Schutz als Next Genera­ti­on Fire­wall, als Anti-Virus Gate­way oder Con­tent Fil­ter, ob SD-WAN, als Rou­ter oder simp­ler Switch, der PUZZLE-A001 bie­tet sei­nen Nut­zern viel­sei­ti­ge Mög­lich­kei­ten zur Rea­li­sie­rung von Netz­werk­an­wen­dun­gen. Die PUZZLE Fin­der (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

ASUS Announces ROG Strix and TUF Gaming AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 Series Graphics Cards

REMONT, Calif.Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ASUS today announ­ced a new lin­eup of ROG Strix and TUF Gaming AMD Rade­on™ 6000 Seri­es gra­phics cards. The new AMD Rade­on™ RX 6000 Seri­es and the under­ly­ing RDNA™ 2 GPU gaming archi­tec­tu­re herald a new era of Rade­on™ gra­phics power. To get the most out of the­se exci­ting new GPUs, ASUS engi­neers have been hard at work deve­lo­ping ROG Strix and TUF Gaming gra­phics cards that deli­ver the high per­for­mance, low tem­pe­ra­tures and quiet ope­ra­ti­on that enthu­si­asts expect.

The ROG Strix LC Rade­on RX 6800 XT puts a big chill on Big Navi

The ROG Strix LC Rade­on™ RX 6800 XT fuses the power of air and liquid coo­ling out of the box. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

AMD to Acquire Xilinx, Creating the Industry’s High Performance Computing Leader

— Stra­te­gic transaction streng­t­hens AMD’s indus­try-lea­ding tech­no­lo­gy port­fo­lio 

  • Expands AMD’s rapidly gro­wing data cen­ter business
  • Xilinx, the No. 1 pro­vi­der of adap­ti­ve com­pu­ting solu­ti­ons, incre­a­ses AMD TAM to $110 billion
  • Immedia­te­ly accre­ti­ve to AMD mar­gins, cash flow and EPS
  • All stock tran­sac­tion with com­bi­ned enter­pri­se value of appro­xi­mate­ly $135 billion

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) and Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) today announ­ced they have ent­e­red into a defi­ni­ti­ve agree­ment for AMD to acqui­re Xilinx in an all-stock tran­sac­tion valued at $35 bil­li­on. The com­bi­na­ti­on will crea­te the industry’s lea­ding high per­for­mance com­pu­ting com­pa­ny, signi­fi­cant­ly expan­ding the bre­adth of AMD’s pro­duct port­fo­lio and cus­to­mer set across diver­se growth mar­kets whe­re Xilinx is an estab­lis­hed lea­der. The tran­sac­tion is expec­ted to be immedia­te­ly accre­ti­ve to AMD mar­gins, EPS and free cash flow genera­ti­on and deli­ver indus­try-lea­ding growth. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

AMD Reports Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results

― Record reve­nue gre56 per­cent and net inco­me and EPS more than dou­bled year-over-year 

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announ­ced record reve­nue for the third quar­ter of 2020 of $2.80 bil­li­on, ope­ra­ting inco­me of $449 mil­li­on, net inco­me of $390 mil­li­on and dilu­t­ed ear­nings per share of $0.32. On a non-GAAP* basis, ope­ra­ting inco­me was $525 mil­li­on, net inco­me was $501 mil­li­on and dilu­t­ed ear­nings per share was $0.41.

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AIDA64 v6.30 Press Release

Intel Tiger Lake Benchmarks and nVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series Support

BUDAPEST, Hun­ga­ry — Oct 27, 2020 — Final­Wire Ltd. today announ­ced the immedia­te avai­la­bi­li­ty of AIDA64 Extre­me 6.30 soft­ware, a stream­li­ned dia­gnostic and bench­mar­king tool for home users; the immedia­te avai­la­bi­li­ty of AIDA64 Engi­neer 6.30 soft­ware, a pro­fes­sio­nal dia­gnostic and bench­mar­king solu­ti­on for cor­po­ra­te IT tech­ni­ci­ans and engi­neers; the immedia­te avai­la­bi­li­ty of AIDA64 Busi­ness 6.30 soft­ware, an essen­ti­al net­work manage­ment solu­ti­on for small and medi­um sca­le enter­pri­ses; and the immedia­te avai­la­bi­li­ty of AIDA64 Net­work Audit 6.30 soft­ware, a dedi­ca­ted net­work audit tool­set to collect and mana­ge cor­po­ra­te net­work inventories.

The latest AIDA64 update intro­du­ces opti­mi­zed bench­marks for Intel “Tiger Lake” and “Rocket Lake” pro­ces­sors, moni­to­ring of sen­sor values on Steel­Se­ries Apex TKL OLED dis­plays, and sup­ports the latest AMD and Intel CPU plat­forms as well as the new gra­phics and GPGPU com­pu­ting tech­no­lo­gies by both AMD and nVI­DIA. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

Entfessle das volle Potential der AMD Ryzen 5000 Prozessoren mit dem neuen GIGABYTE BIOS für die AMD 500 Motherboards

Besu­che die GIGABYTE Web­sei­te, um das neue BIOS mit opti­mier­ter Leis­tung und Zuver­läs­sig­keit herunterzuladen

Tai­peh, Tai­wan, GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, einer der füh­ren­den Her­stel­ler von Mother­boards, Gra­fik­kar­ten und Hard­ware-Lösun­gen, hat kürz­lich die neu­en BIOS Ver­sio­nen für die Mother­boards mit AMD X570, B550 und A520 Chip­satz ange­kün­digt. Die Updates stel­len eine opti­ma­le Leis­tung und Kom­pa­ti­bi­li­tät, sowie ver­bes­ser­te Sta­bi­li­tät sicher, sodass Nut­zer die best­mög­li­che Erfah­rung bei der Nut­zung ihres Sys­tems mit Pro­zes­so­ren aus der AMD Ryzen 5000 Serie haben. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop Features AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors

Today, Leno­vo™ announ­ced its latest 15-inch gaming lap­top, the Leno­vo Legi­on™ Slim 7, fue­led by the next-level AMD Ryzen™ 4000 H‑Series Mobi­le Pro­ces­sors for the first time on this pre­mi­um model. Pai­red with up to power­ful NVIDIA® GeFor­ce RTX™ 2060 with Max‑Q Design GPU for real-time ray tra­cing, the Leno­vo Legi­on Slim 7 is also the world’s ligh­test 15-inch gaming lap­top with NVIDIA GeFor­ce RTX™.1 Now, gamers have more pro­ces­sor choices when selec­ting which Leno­vo Legion’s sty­lish and sava­ge GeFor­ce RTX™ gaming lap­top is right for their needs.

Avail­ab­le in Sla­te Grey hue with up to AMD Ryzen 9 4900H Mobi­le Pro­ces­sor, this season’s sleek design is decked to impress gamers and holi­day shop­pers with a more secu­re, inte­gra­ted power but­ton with fin­ger­print rea­der and the incredi­b­ly immer­si­ve sound of Dol­by Atmos® Spea­ker Sys­tem with Sound Radar by Dol­by, all set insi­de Lenovo’s well-desi­gned acoustics cham­ber for redu­ced ratt­ling and clea­rer audio. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

Intel Reports Third-Quarter 2020 Financial Results

News Sum­ma­ry:

  • Third-quar­ter reve­nue of $18.3 bil­li­on was abo­ve July expec­ta­ti­ons, down 4 per­cent year-over-year (YoY). Data-centric reve­nue* decli­ned 10 per­cent while PC-centric reve­nue was bet­ter than expec­ted, up 1 per­cent YoY.
  • Third-quar­ter GAAP ear­nings-per-share (EPS) was $1.02, down 25 per­cent YoY; non-GAAP EPS of $1.11 was down 22 per­cent YoY, abo­ve July expectations.
  • Year-to-date, gene­ra­ted $25.5 bil­li­on cash from ope­ra­ti­ons and $15.1 bil­li­on of free cash flow and paid divi­dends of $4.2 billion.
  • Announ­ced agree­ment to sell Intel NAND memo­ry and sto­rage busi­ness to SK hynix for $9.0 billion.1
  • Rai­sing full-year reve­nue and ear­nings expec­ta­ti­ons from July gui­d­ance. Expec­ting 5 per­cent top-line growth YoY in 2020 with full-year reve­nue of $75.3 bil­li­on; GAAP EPS of $4.55 and non-GAAP EPS of $4.90.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Octo­ber 22, 2020 — Intel Cor­po­ra­ti­on today repor­ted third-quar­ter 2020 finan­cial results.

Our teams deli­ve­r­ed solid third-quar­ter results that excee­ded our expec­ta­ti­ons des­pi­te pan­de­mic-rela­ted impacts in signi­fi­cant por­ti­ons of the busi­ness,” said Bob Swan, Intel CEO. “Nine mon­ths into 2020, we’re fore­cas­ting growth and ano­t­her record year, even as we mana­ge through mas­si­ve demand shifts and eco­no­mic uncer­tain­ty. We remain con­fi­dent in our stra­te­gy and the long-term value we’ll crea­te as we deli­ver lea­ders­hip pro­ducts and aim to win share in a diver­si­fied mar­ket fue­led by data and the rise of AI, 5G net­works and edge com­pu­ting.” (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

E.E.P.D. kündigt Embedded-NUC-BoxPC für kommerzielle IT-Anwendungen an

20. Okto­ber 2020 – E.E.P.D., Lösungs­part­ner für kun­den­spe­zi­fi­sche und Stan­dard-Embed­ded-Com­pu­ter­bau­grup­pen und Sys­te­me auf ARM- und x86-Basis, bie­tet mit dem EM PRO mini ein in Deutsch­land ent­wi­ckel­tes und her­ge­stell­tes hoch­wer­ti­ges BoxPC-Sys­tem im embed­ded-NUC-For­mat, das spe­zi­ell für kom­mer­zi­el­le IT-Anwen­dun­gen aus­ge­legt ist. Bei­spie­le hier­für sind kom­pak­te Arbeits­platz­rech­ner für Büros, Han­del, Arzt­pra­xen und Kran­ken­häu­ser sowie Klein­ser­ver, IoT-Edge-Nodes oder PC-Sys­te­me in Fer­ti­gungs­be­rei­chen. Ein kun­den­spe­zi­fi­sches Front­pa­nel-Design ist auf Wunsch für OEM-Lösun­gen erhältlich.

Der EM PRO mini basiert auf der neu­es­ten AMD-Ryzen-Embed­ded-V1000-Platt­form, die sich durch eine exzel­len­te Leis­tung-per-Watt Per­for­mance, hohe Mul­ti­core-Per­for­mance sowie über eine leis­tungs­fä­hi­ge inte­grier­te Gra­fik­ein­heit (Rade­on Vega 8 / 11) aus­zeich­net. Zu den wesent­li­chen Spe­zi­fi­ka­tio­nen des BoxPCs gehö­ren neben dem 24/7‑Betrieb ein Arbeits­spei­cher von bis zu 32 GByte DDR4 RAM, zwei Giga­bit-Ether­net-Schnitt­stel­len und WiFi 802.11 AC. Dar­über hin­aus bie­tet er drei USB‑3.1‑Gen-1- und zwei RS232-Ports sowie optio­nal M.2 SATA- und NVMe-Spei­cher bis zu 512 GByte. Für den Anschluss von Solid-Sta­te-Dri­ves mit Kapa­zi­tä­ten von 64 bis 512 GByte ist ein M.2‑SATA-Steckplatz vor­han­den. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

BIOSTAR AM4 400 series motherboards support AMD Ryzen 5000 Vermeer series processors with BIOS update

Octo­ber 20th, 2020, Tai­pei, Tai­wan – BIOSTAR, a lea­ding brand of mother­boards, gra­phics cards, and sto­rage devices, today announ­ces that their AM4 400 seri­es mother­boards will sup­port the latest genera­ti­on AMD Ryzen 5000 Ver­meer seri­es Zen 3 pro­ces­sors.  (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »


Fri, 16 Oct 2020
[Tai­pei, Tai­wan] AMD has offi­cial­ly announ­ced Zen3 archi­tec­tu­re Ryzen™ 5000 seri­es pro­ces­sors on Octo­ber 8th. The latest Zen3 pro­ces­sors have signi­fi­cant per­for­mance impro­ve­ments com­pa­red to the pre­vious 7nm Ryzen 3000 seri­es pro­ces­sors. For the upco­m­ing pro­ces­sors, MSI has released the latest AGESA COMBO PI V2 for all X570 and B550 seri­es mother­boards (Link) to per­fect­ly uti­li­ze the PCI‑E 4.0 per­for­mance. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

Low-power COM Express Module with AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000/R1000 SoC

Tai­pei, Tai­wan, Octo­ber 16, 2020 — IBASE Tech­no­lo­gy Inc. (TPEx: 8050), a lea­ding pro­vi­der of indus­tri­al mother­boards and embed­ded solu­ti­ons, announ­ces the launch of the ET977 low-power COM Express Com­pact Type 6 modu­les, which are based on the AMD Ryzen™ Embed­ded SoC to enab­le next-genera­ti­on embed­ded designs. The seri­es tar­gets a wide ran­ge of app­li­ca­ti­ons inclu­ding AIoT, retail, medi­cal, trans­por­ta­ti­on, auto­ma­ti­on and gaming fiel­ds. (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

AMD to Report Fiscal Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) announ­ced today that it will report third quar­ter 2020 finan­cial results on Tues­day, Octo­ber 27, 2020 after the clo­se of mar­ket. Manage­ment will con­duct a con­fe­rence call to dis­cuss the­se results at 5:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. PT. Inte­res­ted par­ties are invi­ted to lis­ten to the web­cast of the con­fe­rence call via AMD’s Inves­tor Rela­ti­ons web­site ir.amd.com. An archi­ve of the web­cast will be avail­ab­le for appro­xi­mate­ly one year after the con­fe­rence call.

(…) Wei­ter­le­sen »

TSMC Reports Third Quarter EPS of NT$5.30

Hsin­chu, Tai­wan, R.O.C., Oct. 15, 2020 – TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today announ­ced con­so­li­da­ted reve­nue of NT$356.43 bil­li­on, net inco­me of NT$137.31 bil­li­on, and dilu­t­ed ear­nings per share of NT$5.30 (US$0.90 per ADR unit) for the third quar­ter ended Sep­tem­ber 30, 2020.

Year-over-year, third quar­ter reve­nue incre­a­sed 21.6% while net inco­me and dilu­t­ed EPS both incre­a­sed 35.9%. Com­pa­red to second quar­ter 2020, third quar­ter results repre­sen­ted a 14.7% incre­a­se in reve­nue and a 13.6% incre­a­se in net inco­me. All figu­res were pre­pa­red in accordance with TIFRS on a con­so­li­da­ted basis.

In US dol­lars, third quar­ter reve­nue was $12.14 bil­li­on, which incre­a­sed 29.2% year-over-year and incre­a­sed 16.9% from the pre­vious quar­ter (…) Wei­ter­le­sen »


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